Finally closed this project down on 29apr2015

It was being used by a site that re-posted threads from 4chan and used 4chanlink when the images were gone from 4chan. It built up so much traffic that eventually 4chanlink couldn't be used any more.

Honestly, that's not why I made this service dude... >_> I never optimized it for heavy loads.
I'm not bitter over it but how about hosting the images on your server?

ANYWAY, check out swfchan:

Over 27 thousand porn flashes. No fucking kidding.   Click the [W] links to watch them (press the GET FILE button).

Too much? How about a ZONE collection then? That's some high quality right there.

Not in the mood? How about a collection of classic flashes from 4chan's /f/?

Since has been online for so long (years) despite the leech I figure I might as well get something back in the form of people visiting my main project, swfchan (well, at least until the guy that runs that site sees this and stops hotlinking to