Welcome to 4chanlink

What is it?

This site provides a simple way of linking to images on 4chan even after they have 404'd (jpg, png, gif and webm).

By using 4chanlink the linked image will be accessible at least 28 days after it has 404'd on 4chan. This is because the image is mirrored here on 4chanlink.

How do I use it?

All you have to do is replace "4cdn" in the URL with "4chanlink" + visit it yourself once.

For example...


   1)   Copy the image URL from 4chan.
   2)   Replace "4cdn" with "4chanlink" in the URL.
   3)   Important: Visit the new modified URL yourself.
   4)   Send the modified URL to your friends.

You have to visit the modified URL yourself once because that's how this site will know that the image should be downloaded and mirrored.

Note: If you visit a 4chanlink URL in your browser and the domain automatically changes from 4chanlink.org to 4cdn.org in your address bar you know the URL is working. You can also check to see if the URL appears on this page to the right.

Note 2: HTTPS also works, the URL can begin with https://. However your browser will most likely give you a security warning about the certificate. It might say that it is for *.swfchan.com, it doesn't matter. Just add an exception to make it work and you'll never get that warning again. Alternatively just change https to http and it works.

The site has moved to a new server and for the moment HTTPS does not work! Change https to http in your URLs to use 4chanlink.

How does it work?

When you visit a 4chanlink URL it is checked to see if an image is online at 4chan with the same path.

If the image is online you are redirected to it on 4chan and in the meantime 4chanlink downloads the image to its server.

The next time you (or anyone else) visit the same 4chanlink URL it is checked to see if the image is still online at 4chan.

If the image is still online at 4chan you are redirected to it.

If the image has 404'd on 4chan the previously downloaded (mirrored) image is presented here on 4chanlink instead.

672 hours after the image was discovered to have 404'd on 4chan it expires and is deleted from 4chanlink as well.

When viewing the mirrored image only the image is shown, not a web page containing the image.

Anything else?

This site is a side experiment of mine, its future depends on how much it is used. If you like the service you can make sure it stays online by recommending it to your friends.

4chanlink is mainly designed to be used in chat conversations where the number of recipients aren't too many. It shouldn't be used for clickable links on a web page (have people copy-paste it themselves). It's a site referral issue. Links from applications should be OK.

There's one issue you should be aware of: If two people visits the same 4chanlink URL within 5 seconds, and the image is removed from 4chan within those few seconds, 4chanlink will still believe the image is online at 4chan. This is due to a small cache implemented to reduce stress on the server otherwise caused by popular URLs. It should be a rare happening, and not too big of a problem, but if it does happen the second person to visit that 4chanlink URL will be presented with the 4chan 404 page instead of the mirrored image (if he tries the 4chanlink URL again 1-5 seconds later he will see the image).

The domain name is 4chanlink.org because in the past 4chan's images were hosted on images.4chan.org, which meant that all you had to do was add "link" to the URL. This changed in late November 2013 when 4chan started using 4cdn.org for all their static content.

Tip: You can use 4chanlink as a temporary storage for images you wish to save while you are visiting 4chan on a computer other than your own. Simply open the image, change domain in the URL, hit enter and close. When you get home you go to this page, find the image URL in the list to the right, visit it and save the image to your hard disk. Never again do you have to think "aw man I wish I were at home so that I could save that image".

Brought to you by swfchan.

Active linked images
You have to copy and paste the URL into your address bar to bypass the 4chan referer check (they have it to prevent hotlinking/leeching). Images that has already 404'd on 4chan is linked to normally.